Libertarian Party of Lancaster County


We are a grassroots, volunteer-run organization dedicated to advancing liberty in local communities across Lancaster County.  Join us!  NOTE ** NOTE and special NOTE:  The location for the meeting at 7:00pm on Wednesday, 04/08/2020 has been changed.  It will be held at 623 Skyler Drive, Mount Joy, PA 17552.  Because attendance is expected to be low, this will be a regular meeting and the AOM will be postponed to a later date, probably June 2, 2020.

Find Out if You're a Libertarian!

The Libertarian Party is the largest, most successful political alternative to the Republican-Democrat duopoly. We believe in one simple principle: we oppose the initiation of force or fraud. Everything the Libertarian Party stands for is derived from that simple, common sense moral standard. We seek to attain a world where as many human interactions as possible are peaceful and voluntary.