Get Involved

Get Involved


The LPLC holds monthly “Meet-and-Greet” sessions. The public is invited to attend and discuss the issues with us.

Contact Caroline Brown, chair, at, with any questions.

Business Meetings

Although business meetings are closed to the public at large, the LPLC will always post the date, time and location of its meetings here in accordance with its bylaws. In order to attend and cast votes on party business, you must be an LPLC member. See below (under “Join the Party”) for information on how to become a member.

Check out our events calendar to find out the date, time and place of the next Meet-and-Greet and Business Meeting.

Join The Party

To join the LPLC, first contact the chair expressing your intent to join. It is highly recommended that you attend at least one Meet-and-Greet if you are interested in becoming a member. Then visit the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s website, indicate your agreement with the Non-Initiation of Force Pledge, fill out the form, and submit payment of $20 for a yearlong membership. At this time, there is no automatic renewal system in place, so please keep track of when it expires; to renew, simply fill out the form like new and the system should simply push your expiration back by a year. Although it is likely the state party will notify the chair of new memberships within the county, please let the chair know you have joined as well. All members are encouraged to attend as many business meetings and Meet-and-Greets as possible, as well as sign up for volunteer outreach activities.