Smaller Government Quiz

We are happy to work with the Advocates for Self Government started by Libertarian Marshall Fritz many years ago - it's advancing as the times to - we use the quiz at political booths, parade handouts to get people thinking "what is the proper role of Government?" A great way to open a peaceful dialogue in todays divisive political climate. 

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It's Been Around

York and Lancaster County Libertarian groups have used this great political ice breaker to open up dialogue. What is the proper role of Govt?.

YORK PA - Newspaper article "I'm a Libertarian" after taking worlds smallest political quiz.

Shaping our future

With all the global problems our planet faces today,
communities of people concerned with them are growing
to prevent the negative impact.

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Traditional Quiz

10 Questions on Personal & 10 Questions on Economics - 

Modified by 3rd parties

Highlighting other political organizations in history, the bottom represents the "Authoritarians"

Triangulation of Politics

Self Government is a voluntary association of people freely working together to solve issues whether it's goods & services or community. This is interesting & helpful in political discussions. Get people thinking again vs over reaacting.