2021-2-3 Changes
Politics = "Control" - The Duopoly is Fracturing
6 February, 2021 by
2021-2-3 Changes
Shawn House
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Only the Beginning

This was a public letter that was brought to my attention immediately. It's been almost 30 years since we formed in 1992 - seeds have been planted and now is the time for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania - Lancaster County to be the catalyst in restoring a true Republic - Nobody is above the law.

Letter of Resignation in East Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors

Why are we here? Our purpose has been to prepare a political organization that can field qualified Candidates and challenge the Status Quo. Cut spending by eliminating Taxpayer funded political pensions.......end property taxes that force Senior Citizens from their homes. End Wage taxes - End the War on Drugs.  Network Lancaster County 2021-2-3 and be a part of the rEVOLution. 

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