Empowering Townships
Setting up smaller groups within the county to strengthen the team
24 August, 2021 by
Empowering Townships
Shawn House
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 I joined the Libertarian Party 4/20/1992 and it will be 30 years in 4/20/2022 that I will be stepping down as County Chair of the Lancaster Libertarian Group. Our September and October meeting I will be having  our board or Jim Miller our Vice Chair host as I will be focusing on my October 9th CannaHemp fest (which you are all invited too) on Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm in the Republic of Wrightsville.

What I will be proposing as new business in Sept & October and than coming back to chair in November / December / January / February  / March will be that each township leader or borough leader become the "chair" of that area - similar to what the State LP has with the 67 Counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The best way for the County party to thrive & grow is more people closer to their home taking charge, putting a "team" together to stay connected in their area & report monthly to the County board so we can coordinate, help, facilitate in some instances a goal that they can't achieve on their own.

This might seem overwhelming but the time to act is now and my goal before I leave April 2022 is to see it successfully happen - this is why we have a webplatform - network, resources, communication - elections, liberty.here...

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