Shawn P. House County Chair stepping down
One of the original founders of the Lancaster County PA Party 1992
24 February, 2022 by
Shawn P. House County Chair stepping down
Shawn House
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I am happy to have been associated with outstanding individuals in our effort to create a viable alternative Political party in our lifetime. I joined the Libertarian Party on 4/20/1992 after hearing LP President & VP Candidates Andre Morreau & Nancy Lord on the late Irv Holmers talk show in Philadelphia, WWDB. I knew I was a libertarian finally.

I mention this because I want each one of you who is getting involved to remember how you got involved, record what you are doing than continue to spread the word of non violence through libertarianism.  I've been pretty head strong in my leadership but it's been through persuasion vs coercion and I believe our message has been taking root over the past 30 years. So many great people are stepping forward in leadership roles to maintain political vigilance.

My mission after State Chair in 2016 & than County Chair was to drill down to the township level to raise awareness & empower local Libertarians. Through our parades every year we keep planting more seeds. Some will take root immediately and others it may take longer but they are getting involved. This is a long term effort. Canton committees in our County are the next step to further Liberty in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. I know it's hempening.

Now please don't forget our county web platform, I want to see this as an area where those new to the liberty movement who care about or live in Lancaster county will seek us out for resources & to connect with other libertarians. Socials and other activities besides business will create a stronger & fun party. The content you record today will show future libertarians what we've done to stave off totalitarianism. As I've always said no sense re-inventing the wheel.

I'm not leaving County, but I won't be able to lead monthly meetings or discussions. As of 2/24/2022 I am resigning my chair position in the County & encourage everyone to get involved, go to the March State Convention and in April our Lancaster County election of officers. Ask the future leaders stepping forward to share their vision for the County, how they plan on advancing liberty  & if you like it how can you help make it happen? I trust my fellow libertarians & if for some reason the ball is dropped as Arnold said, "I'll be back". 

1-800-USE-HEMP in the US is my business number and that's my focus = family & business. See my website at to see the changes. I look forward to finally becoming successful enough that I can help fund the efforts of our County group. This year I would still be eligible as a "povertarian" as I was last year so it's time to let go of my volunteer work & focus on getting my House in order. 

I should always be here at the moment to answer a question or help add insight to an issue involving our political future as the Libertarian Party representing Lancaster County PA - remember to look in the mirror and remind yourself the Party is you! We will see each other again; G'd willing. Be kind to each other & watch out for provocateur's.  The more you become successful the more distractions will be thrown up to side track our effort. Stay vigilante my friends - 

In liberty with few laws;

Shawn Patrick House for politics - thankyou. 


In Liberty;

Shawn Patrick House 

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