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1992 When the County Group Formed

We started as a group gathering & debating politics - too many times the talk was just that and we needed to become politically active. Shawn House was elected Chair and John Erb served as Vice Chair and later Treasurer and was Elected Tax Collector in Ralpo Township.

16th Congressional 2016

Every Vote Counts

We started in 1993 but it's as true back than is it is today. 

Sunday News Front B-1 & Page B-2 Below highlighting the importance of being involved.
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In The Sun Ledger Aug 1994

Don Noll joins and eventually is County Chair in 1996. Chris Davis has been helping for years and created the "Freedom Festivals" held in Lancaster to raise awareness of the Libertarian Party.

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Libertarian For County Commissioner 1994-95

Lancaster County Native John Bucher Herr was a Candidate for County Commissioner running against Paul Thibault, Shawn House was his campaign chair.

John Bucher Herr's Campaign in 1994-1995 -Libertarian Candidate for County Commissioner 
John's Generic Campaign hand out

Mike Innerarity of Media Spoke

In the past we always tried o bring out interesting speakers and Mike drew a good crowd for Lancaster and Berks County - many familiar with Common Law and challenged many laws, unfortunately Mike got put away for something that will be added later - Ken Krawchuk wrote a great piece that will be posted soon.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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LPPA Conventions

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Pat Fallon and Betsy Summers

When Shawn first got involved Pat Fallon RIP 2020 was one of my "idols" within the Pennsylvania Party for the way he handled himself with grace even with the odds against him, we supported him along with Betsy who has been an inspiration to many as she ran for political office, here receivign an award / Shawn had his hemp booth set up during many conventions.

Chris Davis

Chris is still a member of the Libertarian Party but is very busy with Art, Photography and more. He helped get our "Freedom Festivals" together at the Old Quality Inn in 1994? More to be added, he was also in officer in the 1990's as we continued to stay active.

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