Wednesday night kick off 7pm come early, dress up as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, Patriot, Tax Protestor, hand out information to the cheering crowds

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The parade is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM. Please plan to arrive by 5:30 PM keeping in mind that traffic will be extremely heavy on major roads near the parade staging area. Personal vehicles may not be parked in the staging area. Limited parking is available along Queen Street however cars may only park long enough to drop off parade participants.

For those of you who need to finish assembling floats, you will be able to park in your location after 1:00 PM on September 22.

The parade staging area begins on Oak Boulevard in front of Grater Park (1/2 block from the High School) and continues onto Old Mill Road. The roads will be measured and marked with sequential numbers that coincide with your lineup position with a few exceptions:
• Bands will be staged in the High School Auditorium parking lot at the rear of the high school.
• Ephrata Homecoming Queen candidates will park in the circular driveway in the front of the school.
• Those of you who staged in the gym parking lot in the past will continue to do so.
The parade follows a three-mile route and disbands on Queen Street, one block from the starting point. The parade route can be viewed at https://www.ephratafair.org/maps.

There will be no rain date for the parade. If the parade needs to be cancelled for any reason, the decision will be made by 1:00 PM the day of the parade. Any cancellations or changes will be announced on our website at www.ephratafair.org or on the radio at 105.1 WIOV.

For the pleasure and safety of everyone involved we have a few rules that MUST be followed:
• The parade is a continuous moving event with no pausing at any of the judging areas on the parade route.
• Handouts at curbside to spectators are permitted. Throwing from vehicles is not permitted. All food or candy must be in original wrapper.
• No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
• The Parade Committee and the Fair Association may refuse any organization.
• All participants driving in the parade must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance.
• Car and truck horns are not to be used during the parade.

We look forward to seeing you at the Parade!


Mt Joy Location is bigger

Bring a clip board since we don't have the big board table but it's comfortable thanks to Chris & Blue Prints for Addiction recovery services we meet to help break the two party has got has "hooked" on. Meet former party members who are helping to reset liberty on a local level through education, activism and running candidates to have dialogue and affect real social and economic freedom.

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