Volunteers Shaping our Future

Petition signatures, get out the vote, community forums, meetings, running for office, letters to the editor, social media, networking throughout the County. Volunteer for a position on the county and help connect the dotes.


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As we grow as a political organization, the more votes we get we eventually go from a minor political party to cracking the duopoly. It's challenging every Presidential election cycle but we have races every year to fill and challenge the status quo. Remember people especially today are yearning to change ping pong politics



We've reached 1000's of people each year by only doing 5 parades throughout the County. We need to do more and have more participation. Dress up and come out - we will be doing it again in 2021 if we can overcome the fear of viruses. 2019 we did one parade - a reverse parade in Elizabethtown and that was successful. 

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Run for office

It's not an easy task, make sure you are ready and maybe instead of shooting for the top spots start with local office, Auditors, School Board, City Council, but we still need House Representatives, Congressional but even the position of judge of Elections gets you personally involved in the system. All efforts believe it or not make a difference.

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Libertarian Business Alliance of Lancaster PA

The driving force behind success is entrepreneurship - many of us are involved whether we work for someone or have our own small business. It's getting tougher and tougher, as an example the Patriot Act now requires anyone putting in $5K or $10K in their accounts to be reported to determine they aren't an "illegal" drug dealer or "terrorist" - ridiculous as it seems. We want to encourage like minded libertarians in our County and surrounding to network and help each other out as they see fit. No flim flam jimmy jam, just honest, hard working libertarians providing for their families and serving the community.

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I want to volunteer small or big in someone 

I'm happy to sign a petition, send a donation, attend a political event - keep me posted.