Libertarian Party of Lancaster County Announces
Guided Discussion Series
At its regular monthly meeting on July 7, 2021, The Libertarian Party of Lancaster County voted to
establish and sponsor an open-ended series of guided discussions. Each session will be a deep
dive into a single fundamental topic of interest. A discussion guide will introduce the topic as well
as moderate the discussion and maintain the focus.
Sessions will be scheduled approximately monthly and most typically at 7:00pm on the third
Wednesday of the month at 15 Mount Joy Street, Mount Joy, PA 17552. Anyone with a sincere
interest in the topic of the evening is welcome to attend. There is no charge.
The first session has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 7:00pm and the topic is
Rational Thinking – what it is; how it can be defined; why it is important; why we don’t have
more of it; other kinds of thought. The guide will be Roy Minet. Since it is fervently to be hoped
that a lot of rational thinking will be employed during all of the sessions, this surely is a most
appropriate topic for the first one.
The particulars for each such meeting will be posted on our website ( )
approximately one month in advance. For further information, email Roy Minet at
Other likely topics in the queue are:
Rational Self Interest – How people make decisions; about altruism.
Rights – Do rights actually exist and, if so, from where do they come and how are they defined?
The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) – A complete formal statement and an examination of NAP
“gray areas.”
Taxation – If we are to have a minimal state, how should it be funded?
Elections – What is required to guarantee a secret ballot, integrity and auditability.
Elections – Fixing plurality voting and gerrymandering so elections work much better.
Introduction to Micro-economics 101 – The six pillars of a free market economy.
Money, good and bad – Three functions of money; kinds of money; history.
The US Constitution – It’s a truly great and ground-breaking document, but it’s not perfect; what’s wrong
and how it might the problems be fixed.