Lancaster County Fumbles by Elected Reprentatives

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A big reason people are frustrated is because they've put all their faith and tax dollars (direct & indirect) into a system that is self serving and above the law in many instances. Corporations are people yet get billions or a slap on the wrist for an infraction that puts the common (Wo)man in jeaporday of loosing their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A way to make a living. We don't demand Universal Income or Pensions for Life yet we do demand that their be NO MORE taxpayer funded pensions for ANY Elected or Appointed Official. Come to a meeting there is more than debate when you want to elect representatives who have no vested interest in advancing their well being off their fellow Citizens hard work and honest living. The Porcupine represents the Live and Live Philosophy. 

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Pundits Do it All the Time

Will Rogers - and others - this is the highlight Lancaster County and all politics is local but we'll highlight the Commonwealth and Federal Govt Inc. foibles.