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Lancaster County PA

Each one of our 57 townships needs representation, we meet the first Wednesday of every month at Greenfield Corporate Center or Mt. Joy but the chair will come to your area if you get 3 Libertarians together. Our County Network

Libertarian Party Pennsylvania

We are one county of 67 that make up the diversity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Please join our State Party - dues are $20 per year and we have an Executive Director who is helping the volunteers coordinate.

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Libertarian Party of USA

America's third largest political party - 50 years old with the most elected an appointed officials than all third parties combined. Kept out by the private RNC & DNC the paradigm shift is happening and you can make a difference. Join the National Party today and become a member.


Shaping our future

A quick Doodly to give folks in the County an idea of what we are trying to achieve, we have a new web portal which will be the vehicle for reform of the political *ineptocracy which is a cancer on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

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Libertarian Party Oath

The Libertarian pledge is a statement based on the non-aggression principle that individuals must sign in order to join the Libertarian Party of the United States. We adhere to that on the County Level and personal level in our code of conduct.

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