Daniel Martin's Blog/Caucus

A long time peace activist who was involved with the Ron Paul group in 2008 Daniel will be posting a blog about how we can dismantle the Military Industrial Complex through a voluntary "Peace Dividend" 

April 8th - just added - 

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Operation Voter Integrity

Lancaster Counties gem - Roy Minet has been doing a lot of work on a project that must be shared with all of our local elected officials as well as our State officials up to the Federal level... Not just Rank Choice Voting but more than that - see his website - for Common Sense Logic - Elections

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Libertarian Business Alliance

Looking for business people who you know are libertarians, value the work ethic and philosophy of live and let live and work for an honest days pay. Check out the growing LIbertarian Business Alliance and contact us about adding your operation to our growing Network in and around Lancaster County. 

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The Pennsylvania Project

Our vision at The Pennsylvania Project is a better Pennsylvania. To achieve that vision, our mission is to showcase the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Pennsylvania, and to explore their solutions. But more important than solving the problem correctly, is to solve the correct problem.  All episodes of The Pennsylvania Project are divided into three parts: You, Them, and Me.  Shawn House Interview about Hemp  and Roy's Interview About Voter integrity

PODCAST - Go to WWDB & Her Ken's latest interview.

Ludwig Von Mises Caucus

When you see pictures in the gallery you'll notice Michael Heise who is no longer in Lancaster County but now in Montgomery County. He and others have started the Caucus, they are very active and doing a great job bringing people into the liberty movement with the same logic as Mr. Mises did as an economist. 

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Libertarian Philosophy Online Resources

Good reading for today's liberty soldier who is out discussing politics, practical Government, or wants to create their own Zen understanding of Libertarianism

Hillsdale College.

The State of Nature

Libertarian Leadership Academy 

Libertarian Candidates Helping Each Other

Dave Hollist an active Libertarian has created a website that has over 3,000 Libertarian Candidates running & helping each other, learning from each other. No sense re-inventing the wheel which happens every election cycle - if you are going to run for office check out his website. "When people can keep what they earn, it does not take long for them to trade with each other and acquire what they need to live well. Peace and prosperity are possible for those who are willing to think about how to achieve them. "

Libertarians Helping Libertarians Get Elected

World's Smallest Political Quiz

One of the easiest ways to get a political discussion going is to share the Advocates for Self Government world' smallest political quiz - over the years it's becoming more stream lined and current with today's issues.

Advocating for Smaller Government Quizzes

Young Americans For Liberty

We are lucky enough to have Ben Heckman from Alleghany County now a student at Millersville University and President of the Chapter. He has helped campaign and promote the liberty movement to another generation of people who find it refreshing. 

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Meme -munitions

In today's social media / digital world more people read less and so we will offer as many libertarian themed memes here so because a picture can do more sometimes than 1000 words that aren't read.

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Women inspired Libertarianism

A section to highlight past, present & future female libertarians.

FEE - 3 Woman Who IME Munition Page