Lancaster Meet & Motivate

Our mission is to create a stronger County political presence in today's duopoly. .

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Mt Joy Location #1 Front

An even larger facility with multiple rooms - we meet in the first room on the right as you come through the locked entrance. Located in Mt. Joy this is our second location that serves member meetings - but check the schedule we will normally meet at the Greenfield Location as it is more central. As we grow and Municipal / township leadership arises it is not un realistic to hold meetings in other areas, find out what is available and present it to the Committee or reach out to our Secretary . 15 Mt Joy Road, Mt Joy PA 17557

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Greenfield Corporate #2 Entrance - Lancaster, PA

Visible from Old Homestead Road - Blue Prints Addiction Recovery services employee entrance is locked - do not attempt to go through the back / main patient entrance as people are getting help with counselors and we do not want to disrupt their efforts.

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Lancaster, PA Entrance area

1901 Old Homestead Lane, Lancaster, when you pull in park right away as this is the employee entrance vs the patient entrance, be respectful when entering and contact us before showing up so we can provide access. The white van should normally be out or look for vehicles with Libertarian bumper stickers.