Lancaster County Libertarian Committee 

Shawn House, Chair

Shawn joined the Libertarian Party in 1992, he has run for Congress in 2016, District Justice in 1992 and is a hemp entrepreneur - he enjoys history, cannabis, frisbee, hiking and keeping busy. His goal for the County Party is to empower the township & boroughs, and network the organization as a viable alternative to the Duopoly in 2021-2-3.

Roy Minet, Treasurer

Roy's been a libertarian since he was born, active in Lancaster County for decades he has a great website,, and is promoting Operation Voter Integrity  2021-2-3. ROY'S Corner

Anita Farver, Secretary

Anita has stepped up into Secretary; the conduit of our organization. An active mother working full time with a family she was also gathering petition signatures for Jo Jorgensen's campaign and helped others in many ways. 

Adam Gallek - IT Admin

Adam is a native of Chester County who is now a tremendous asset living in Lancaster County. He is helping us coordinate our technical issues and interfacing with the National LP while we continue to grow and expand the network in the 21st century.

Vice Chair Open

Leadership positions are open, Vice Chair is working with the Chair to help oversee and work with Municipalities - asking for a people person who has the time, can fill in or attend board meetings on the State & National level when needed and who is interesting in the continue networking of the County Organization..

Out Reach / Welcoming Chair

Another people person who is willing to work on marketing in the social market place, coming up with ways to out reach to the diverse community in Lancaster County. Would interact with the Secretary to maintain up to date information on all interested in getting involved.

Parade / Events / Committee

Another organized individual who can keep our annual parade requirements going, interact with the different townships who hold parades, events, booths - would also interact with the Advocates for Self Govt and the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz, all reporting to the Secretary and County committee when on the agenda.

Election Chair

Number one someone who is connected & interested in developing the data base for our Network who is familiar or will become familiar with all the polling locations throughout the County, interfacing with the County Elections office and our potential Candidates seeking office. 

Educational Outreach

A person who good organizational skills who will focus on our Educational Institutions from English to Amish and all between - this is a big task, public schools, colleges, bible colleges, home schoolers. Develop a plan to get Operation Voter Integrity to Poli-Sci professors, attract Interns from campuses to help our candidates and outreach.

Fund Raising Chair

A person who fly's higher than the average joe. Someone  who is interested in tapping into those who have funds to spare that can finance or help finance our Committees efforts, or Candidates and our Educational out reach. This is a soft sell position and they would work with the treasurer and chair and report as needed to the committee.. Creative self starters.

Historical / Photographer 

Able to attend events and capture the efforts of the group in various forms, prefer someone with equipment and software for editing and documenting the paradigm shift happening in the County, able to access the Webplatform to update history pages, events, etc. Working closely with Events Coordinator and Outreach.