Quarryville, PA -done!

September 15th 2021 - Dress up as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, A Minuteman Patriot, A Giant 1964 Quarter - walk and hand out literature to the crowds who clap for us as we march by - 2021 Pictures From 9/15/21

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Ephrata Sept 22=next

By the school? - We'll post more information - it's a long one of the best parades in Lancaster County.

New Holland 2021

September 29th 2021 - Wednesday Night. All Hands on Deck for our biggest parade yet goes through New Holland, PA on September 29th.

Millersville Oct 16th

Saturday Morning! All hands on Deck at the University Millersville, PA. 

Elizabethtown Dec.

We are close neighbors and will be helping out the White Rose Libertarians in Sept October for their parades

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